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In its operations, Bevetrade Oy emphasises family business values, sustainability and healthiness, as well as the ensuing wellbeing throughout its value chain. We believe that sustainability is the key to successful long-term business operations, as well as to lasting and evolving partnerships.

Our sustainability work is based on a sustainability plan that examines our operations from the perspectives of social responsibility, environmental responsibility and economic responsibility. We are a safe and reliable choice for our partners and customers, as well as the consumers of our products. We develop our sustainability work in line with the principle of continuous improvement in order to ensure safe, healthy and sustainably manufactured products for our customers and consumers, as well as operations and a partner network that adheres to sustainable business practices now and in the future. In our operations, we are committed to the UN Global Compact Principles and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



The Finnish Food Authority has granted Bevetrade Oy a FI-EKO- 201 Organic Certification (wholesale of organic foodstuffs) (latest audit 25 October 2021). In addition, the company was granted the FSC Certification related to cardboard packaging in May 2021. The FSC Certification indicates that the material used as the packaging material originates in sustainably managed forests and from a company that respects legislation governing forests, the environment and personnel wellbeing. 

Environmental responsibility

In our responsibility program, we aim to minimize and reduce the environmental impact of our own operations. 

Social responsibility

We recognize that, due to the nature of our operations, promoting social responsibility is an essential part of our corporate responsibility work. 

Financial responsibility 

Our goal is to operate profitably and generate well-being both domestically and in our partner companies globally. 

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